Are you old enough to remember the Christmas Song
"The Holly & The Ivy"?





Dear Christmas-Lover,

Don't you just love Christmas?  The stores are filled with decorations... the invitations to parties... the letterbox brings good wishes from friends and family far and wide.  There is just such a wonderful feeling of good cheer. Some folks in the colder climates look forward to a white Christmas, while those in the southern hemisphere enjoy sun-filled days. 

  The magic of Christmas

around the world!

When I first read "An Old Fashioned Christmas" it brought back some memories of Christmas when I was a child... and please don't ask how many years ago that was!  It was a very different time from now.  Pleasures were simpler, without being any less enjoyable. 

Let me tell you a little about this wonderful book.  It was first published in 1917 under the title "A Little Book for Christmas" written by Cyrus Townsend Brady!  The original publication had more than seventy pages but this version you'll be getting has over ninety pages of inspiration and good feelings.  Reminders of a gentler time.  And just to wet the appetite a little, here are some of the chapter headings...

   A Christmas Greeting

   "From A Far Country"... a new variation on an ancient theme.

   "On Christmas Giving"

   "It Was The Same Christmas Morning"... a story for girls.

   A Christmas Carol

   "The Lone Scouts Christmas"... a story for boys.

   "Looming Into The Manger"... A Christmas meditation

   "Christmas In The Snows"... a few of Cyrus' personal adventures in

          the far West.

   "A Christmas Wish"... for everybody, everywhere!


Cyrus Townsend Brady, author of the original publication in 1917, was no stranger to writing memorable Christmas stories. He summarizes this book as such: "Containing A Greeting, A Word of Advice, Some Personal Adventures, A Carol, A Meditation, and Three Christmas Stories for All Ages"

And in the spirit of Christmas, there are a few surprises in "An Old Fashioned Christmas" including a few mouth-watering old fashioned Christmas Cookie Recipes.


But I've saved the biggest surprise for last! 

The cost of downloading this lovely eBook is
just $12 today. 
That's over 90 pages of Christmas Greetings, Stories, Wishes, Advice, Adventures, Carols & Scrumptious Cookie Recipes for just $12.

What a gift!

You and your family deserve to share in those wonderful bygone times at this happy time of the year.  Give yourself the gift of "An Old Fashioned Christmas" and you'll remember the real meaning of Christmas too.

It's as easy as clicking the "Buy Now" button just below and within minutes you'll be enjoying Christmas Greetings, Stories, Wishes, Adventures... and Cookie Recipes!

It's just so simple, even if you've never downloaded anything before.  We'll lead you through it, step by easy step.  Enjoy the stories and feelings of an old fashioned Christmas. 

Very best wishes for a wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas.


~Christiana Augustine


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