NativityPlay-SceneA positive response I have consistently received from churches that have presented the Christmas NativityPlay is about how much presenting the play served to pull the church family together.  As they focused with one accord to prepare for the presentation – electing the cast, practicing the songs, and rehearsing – people got to know each other more closely.  It also afforded the church an opportunity to present a common front hosting the final production.

Nativity plays have endured because they are delightful and they tell the story of hope. The Nativity play is also great entertainment – the audience gets to listen or sing along to their favorite carols.

Yes, it can be overwhelming putting up a play at Christmas but some of that is the pressure of the Christmas season. With good planning and some adjustments, it is possible to enjoy presenting a delightful Nativity play.  Fortunately with the Nativity play, you also get plenty of help with production notes, suggestions on stage prep and costumes.

One thing that make most people nervous about presenting any play is the script. Will the performers say their lines correctly and on cue?  Well, what if the performers have non-speaking roles? Without the stress of memorizing lines, performers of the NativityPlay (even very young children) are able to perform at their best.


The Nativity play is not only for churches and schools. Any organization, club, group or family can present a Nativity play.  If you are unable to make a big production, when your family gets together this Christmas, consider presenting a concise Nativity play for your own enjoyment.


You will find all the help you need to perform a delightful Christmas play pageant, for a small or large group, with scripts and sheet music at

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Here’s to your successful presentation.


~Christiana Augustine

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