Festivities and Entertainment at Christmas

The Christmas time of year is undoubtedly a festive season.  Whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Yuletide, this is a wonderful time of year for most people. There is no shortage of festive activities, that provide entertainment and merriment, to engage in during the Christmas season.  Many types of festivities can be found


Christmas In July

Truly, July is not too early to start planning for your Christmas NativityPlay Pageant! You have to start early in the year to plan your NativityPlay – so that you can have a successful presentation. After you set a date for the play and rehearsal dates, and you have secured participants’ commitment, start to prepare


Pantomime – What is it?

The Art of Pantomime The Nativityplay is a musical pantomime.  I often get questions about what that means so it is fitting to start off this blog by describing what it is and the general art of pantomime. Mime is that type of theater art in which the performer gives a silent performance. There are


Delights Of A Nativity Play

  A positive response I have consistently received from churches that have presented the Christmas NativityPlay is about how much presenting the play served to pull the church family together.  As they focused with one accord to prepare for the presentation – electing the cast, practicing the songs, and rehearsing – people got to know each