Truly, July is not too early to start planning for your Christmas NativityPlay Pageant!

You have to start early in the year to plan your NativityPlay – so that you can have a successful presentation.

After you set a date for the play and rehearsal dates, and you have secured participants’ commitment, start to prepare the miriad of other chores and anything else you can prepare ahead of time.  The less you have to do last minute the less stress you’ll have and the better your chance of presenting a successful play.

The NativityPlay you get from here will provide you with documents and information that will help you take care of often overlooked planning detail.  Frequently, it’s the small details that make all the difference.  Getting all the right people and circustances of the play properly aligned, can be key to making sure your play performance goes off without a hitch on the day of the play and that you have an enthusiastic audience.

Watch this You Tube Video below  for loads of tips on how to present a successful NativityPlay by starting to plan early:

Be sure to also watch the Part 2 video.

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