The Christmas time of year is undoubtedly a festive season.  Whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Yuletide, this is a wonderful time of year for most people.

There is no shortage of festive activities, that provide entertainment and merriment, to engage in during the Christmas season.  Many types of festivities can be found to suit all preferences to make your Christmas season a joyful one. 

One easily available entertainment option at Christmas time is watching Christmas movies at home, in a theatre or on TV.  We have all been there, watching the same Christmas movies.  We know exactly what the next scene will be, but it is a good story, a “feel-good” Christmas story, so we don’t mind watching it over and over again, year after year!

Frequently, there are also new movie releases at Christmas time that may or may not have a Christmas theme.  Some of these new movie releases could be contenders for Oscar and Bafta cinema nominations the following year.  So, if Oscar trends and buzz are your thing, watching new release movies around Christmas is also something to do around Christmas.

There’s also, shopping, lots of shopping!, and Caroling and traveling and parties, all kinds of things to do at Christmas time!

stars_explodingBy far, my favorite Christmas time activity to participate in, is the performances of a Christmas Nativity Play Pageant, complete with live actors and a believable Nativity manger.  This is a popular entertainment during Christmas. Although the Christmas Nativity Play is performed every year, it never grows old because of creative difference in interpreting the story, and also, because each actor dramatizes their role differently.

The performance of the Christmas Nativity play demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas – the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Watching or participating in the Nativity play at Christmas time can positively affect our attitude and outlook on life because it portrays moral lessons that can serve as an inspiration for us to live better lives, not just at Christmas but life-long.

Here’s to your successful presentation of the Christmas NativityPlay Pageant!


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