“Discover An Easy Solution to Presenting A
Delightful, Musical, Christmas Nativity Play Pageant…
With Lots Of Your Favorite Classic Christmas Carols” 

Christmas Gift Bullet Point Discover the complete Script, Christmas carols lyrics, Christmas sheet music for all the Carols you need to successfully present a Christmas Nativity Play Pageant

Christmas Gift Bullet PointMaster the step-by-step techniques you need to present your authentic Christmas Nativity Play even if you don’t have experience doing a Christmas Nativity Play

Christmas Gift Bullet PointGreat entertainment! A wonderful Christmas Nativity Play performance for your Church, School, Club, Youth Group, Bible Study Group, Sunday School Group, Home Group or just your Family

Christmas Gift Bullet PointThis Christmas Nativity Play is based on Bible New Testament Gospel and Old Testament references on the Nativity of Jesus Christ

Christmas Gift Bullet PointExperience minimal stress all around with no lines to memorize… or forget!

Christmas Gift Bullet PointDiscover rare, classical Christmas  carols that your audience will be thrilled to hear again and a few delightful new Carols they will enjoy

Christmas Gift Bullet PointYou get all the information for a full production of the Nativity Play, with the option to perform just a skit

Christmas Gift Bullet PointUncover every step how to prepare the Christmas Nativity Play stage for the opening scene and subsequent acts of the Play

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You have options
Be as high-tech or as low-tech as you wish. Uncomplicated stage settings means you can accomodate this Christmas Nativity Play Pageant on almost any budget

Christmas Gift Bullet PointAnd more…

Because there are so many ways to vary this Christmas Nativity Play, if you so choose, you could perform it differently every time.
No extra charge!

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