Christmas In July

Truly, July is not too early to start planning for your Christmas NativityPlay Pageant! You have to start early in the year to plan your NativityPlay – so that you can have a successful presentation. After you set a date for the play and rehearsal dates, and you have secured participants’ commitment, start to prepare

Christmas Nativity Play

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  “Discover An Easy Solution to Presenting A Delightful, Musical, Christmas Nativity Play Pageant… With Lots Of Your Favorite Classic Christmas Carols”  Discover the complete Script, Christmas carols lyrics, Christmas sheet music for all the Carols you need to successfully present a Christmas Nativity Play Pageant Master the step-by-step techniques you need to present your authentic Christmas Nativity Play


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This Christmas, perform the best Nativity Play Christmas Pageant, with all your favorite Carols! Get inspiration now for the best Christmas Pageant ever! Kindle the Spirit of Christmas and bring your holiday season to life this year, by performing a delightful Nativity Play with your family, your church, school, or any group of your choice. Perhaps you’ve considered presenting


Pantomime – What is it?

The Art of Pantomime The Nativityplay is a musical pantomime.  I often get questions about what that means so it is fitting to start off this blog by describing what it is and the general art of pantomime. Mime is that type of theater art in which the performer gives a silent performance. There are